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EAGLE Hobbyist and Education

EAGLE Hobbyist

The EAGLE Hobbyist license is for hobbyists who do not use EAGLE in a commercial context. The license is for individuals only and not for educational or non-commercial institutions.

It is a single user license that enables all the features of the EAGLE Standard Edition (limited to six signal layers and 160x100mm routing area) with all three modules (Layout+Schematic+Autorouter).

When ordering this special EAGLE Hobbyist license, please fill out and sign this form, in which you declare that you will ad here to the nature of this license, and add this form to your order. Without this signed form we cannot process your order. In case of ordering online please send us the form via Email.


Educational licenses for EAGLE Standard and EAGLE Professional are available for educational institutions, such as Colleges, High-Schools and Universities.

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