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CadSoft EAGLE's powerful Layout Editor allows the quick design of an entire circuit board layout and helps to make PCB design easy.

Layout Editor

  • 4 x 4m (about 150 x 150 inch)
  • Full SMD support
  • Support of Blind and Buried vias
  • Rotation of objects in arbitrary angles (0.1degree steps)
  • Components can be locked against moving
  • Texts can be placed in any orientation
  • Dynamic calculation of signal lines while routing the layout
  • Magnetic pads function
  • Tracks can be drawn with rounded corners in any radius
  • Mitering to smooth wire joints
  • Design Rule Check for board layouts (checks e.g. overlaps, measures of pads or tracks)
  • Copper pouring (ground plains)
  • Package variants support
  • Differential pair routing
  • Meander command for length compensation of signals
  • Support of assembly variants
  • User definable, free programmable User Language to generate data for mounting machines, test equipments, milling machines or any other data format
  • Output of manufacturing data for pen plotters, photo plotters and drilling machines with the CAM Processor
  • Layout Editor Screenshot