• Fully integrated into basic program
  • Routing grid down to 0.02 mm (about 0.8 mil)
  • Basic engine for the Follow-me-router, a tool that supports you in manual routing; the trace of a selected signal will be calculated automatically
  • Ripup&Retry algorithm
  • User definable strategy by cost factors
  • No placement restrictions
  • Uses the Layout's Design Rules
  • Change between manual and automatic routing at any time
  • Up to 16 signal layers (with user definable preferred directions)
  • Full support of Blind and Buried vias
  • Takes into consideration various net classes

New Autorouter since Version 7

The autorouter can run multiple configurations simultaneously.  The user is able to select the best outcome that accommodates his design. On computers with multiple core processors each thread can own its own processor core. This optimizes EAGLE’s use of the available hardware.

Autorouter Multi-Core screenshot


The new autorouter includes the option to use our TopRouter. This intricate process will result in boards with significantly less points of transition compared to our previous algorithm.  This means very cost effective optimal boards that will need less manual interaction by the end user.

Autorouter TopRouter screenshot