3D Export

IDF-to-3D by Simplified Solutions

IDF-TO-3D is a powerful 3D PCB product with an integrated 3D PCB Library. Electrical Engineers/Designers can create 3D PCBs in STEP and STL format with IDF-TO-3D in 1-3 hours without MCAD*. Future 3D PCB iterations and 3D PCB designs can be finished even faster.
EAGLE Users can now create 3D PCBs by using the new EagleIDFExporter.ULP and import it to Simplified Solutions’ IDF-to-3D online application. Thousands of EAGLE Library components are mapped to 3D models. The IDF-TO-3D tool provides a user interface to map additional PCB components to 3D models.

* Mechanical Computer Aided Design Software

3D Export

o     Use the EagleIDFExporter.ulp to export IDF files
o     Import IDF files into any mechanical CAD application
o     Use IDF-to-3D from Simplified Solutions to render free 3D PDF files
o     Purchase a 3-year license to export an assembly 3D STEP and STL files, now available through 

Note: STEP files can be imported into MCAD software and STL files can be uploaded to 3D printers to generate geometric prototypes of your PCB.


How to order

An IDF-to-3D 3 year subscription can now easily be ordered within the EAGLE ordering process in the CadSoft webshop. If you wish to buy a standalone license, please contact us directly!


Eagle’up is a simple collection of tools that allow you to:

  • Import in SketchUp the layout of your board with precise placement of the components
  • Generate a realistic image for the board faces
  • Edit the model of your design, add an enclosure, stack multiple boards
  • Rotate and zoom in your 3D EAGLE model with complete freedom