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User Guide Evaluation Module for BQ500210EVM-689 Qi Compliant Wireless Power Transmitter Manager - Source
Uploaded on 06.09.2012

About TI

Visit - Imagine a world without cords - Cut the cord! The market demand for the convenience and safety of wireless power systems is growing rapidly. Portable devices like smart phones, music/video players, cameras, and game controllers are just a few of the battery-powered products that can be upgraded to a wireless power system to keep their batteries charged. While near-field inductive power coupling has been around for some time, applications have been limited to very low power levels. Since today’s portable devices require increasing amounts of power, and higher-power batteries require more advanced control systems, a number of safety risks in the design of wireless power systems must be considered. Compliance with Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) specifications helps designers avoid safety problems and ensures interoperability between systems. TI offers a wide range of evaluation modules both on the transmitter and receiver side to help reduce the design cycle of wireless power solutions. Whether implementing wireless charging within an existing design, or adding it to a new one, we’ve got the tools, support and expertise to help you – cut the cord! Learn more at