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This section gives you direct access to chat with other users or with our technical experts and provides the option to register for our newsletter in order to stay up to date!

Before choosing one of the following groups and getting engaged, please read our Guidelines.

The forums are realized at news groups on, they are additionally realized as web forums on

If you prefer newsreader interfaces to CadSoft’s forums, you can access them via the "News Groups" links below, for the web version choose "element14 forum".

In case these given links don’t work with your browser, please start your news reader program and go to the server
From there you can then select the desired news groups.

Technical support

Get technical support from the CadSoft staff and other EAGLE users.

News group                                               element14 forum

User chat

Share your experiences with other EAGLE users.

News group                                               element14 forum


Tell us what you would like to see in future versions of EAGLE.

News group                                               element14 forum


Information about new uploads etc.

News group                                               element14 forum

PCB Services

Ask your questions and get information concerning PCB fabrication and assembly.

element14 PCB Services forum

Stratford Digital

In order to gain permission to post you must send an email to the forum host with your login to the forums. This extra step is intended to eliminate spam through the web interface.