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CadSoft invites experienced EAGLE users to participate in testing new versions


CadSoft invites EAGLE users to participate in testing new versions of the EAGLE Layout Editor.

We suggest that only users who already have experience with previous versions of EAGLE participate in the beta test. If you are new to EAGLE please use our current release version.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This beta version of EAGLE is NOT FOR PRODUCTION USE! Do not use it in any critical project, and only work with copies of your existing data files! Do not send board files created with this beta version of EAGLE to a board house – they may not yet be able to process the new EAGLE data files.

Any files written with this beta version of EAGLE will not be loadable with previous program versions!

Get the current beta version

Windows users should download the file
eagle-win-7.1.4-beta.exe and run it.
This self-extracting archive will guide you through the setup process.

Linux users should download the file and run it.
This self-extracting shell script will guide you through the setup process. You may need to click on the above link with the right mouse button and select “Save Link As…”.
To run this file you need to make it executable, or enter “sh” in a shell window.

Mac users should download the file and unzip it, which results in a Mac Installer.
Run the installer to install EAGLE on your system.

Read the update documentation

Once have successfully downloaded and installed the new beta version of EAGLE you should read the text file UPDATE from the doc subdirectory, which lists all the changes that have been made since previous versions of EAGLE. There is also a text file named HISTORY.beta, which explicitly lists the changes between individual beta versions.

How to test “non-Freeware” features

With the Freeware license you should be able to test most of the new features of EAGLE. However, the new capabilities like reordering schematic sheets in the new sheet thumbnails view and moving a group from one schematic sheet to another require a Standard or Professional license. If you have a license that is valid only for version 6 or before, and you want to test the new capabilities listed above, you will need to contact your dealer for an update to version 7.

How to report problems

If you encounter any problems with the beta version of EAGLE, please post a report to the beta test news group at news:// Please be sure to make a separate posting for each problem and provide a descriptive subject line. Also, before writing a posting you may want to browse through the existing postings to see whether your problem has already been reported (in which case you shouldn’t start a new thread but rather reply to the existing thread if you have any additional information that might help in fixing the problem). See also our guidelines for using the news groups.

Note that there are no separate beta test news groups for English and German language reports, since we don’t want to handle the same subject twice in two different groups. Therefore we would like to ask all beta testers to do their postings in English, if possible.

If you can’t post to the beta test news group you can also send your report to (please also only one problem per message and use a descriptive subject line).