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CadSoft specialises in the development of the popular EAGLE PCB Design Software

About Us

CadSoft celebrates its 25th anniversary this November!
For this reason, we’ve created a timeline which shows the most important milestones of the last 25 years. Enjoy clicking through it:

View the timeline in fullscreen (external host)

CadSoft Computer GmbH and CadSoft Inc. are subsidiaries of Premier Farnell plc., one of the world’s leading distributors of electronic components, products and services.

CadSoft specializes in the development of the popular CAD-Software EAGLE used by design engineers worldwide for 25 years.

EAGLE is a user-friendly, powerful and affordable software for efficient circuit board design (PCB design) and combines the modules schematic editor, layout editor and autorouter on one single interface.

Shared Open Source User Language Programs (ULPs) guarantee maximum flexibility by enabling various features, such as simulation, realization of individual instruction sequences, data export and import.

DesignLink feature provides access to data and prices on over 4 million products from Newark, Farnell and element 14.

The integrated PCB service connects users to high-quality PCB manufacturers to receive quotes and get prototypes produced.

EAGLE users benefit from free support through dedicated experts, active customer forums, the EAGLE community on element 14, webinars and training on demand.

EAGLE is available for Linux®, Mac® and Windows®.

EAGLE software can be ordered as EAGLE Hobbyist, EAGLE Light, EAGLE Standard and EAGLE Professional for different numbers of users.