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New guide book „Learning to fly with EAGLE V6“ published

Posted: 22/05/13

A new manual about the PCB design software EAGLE V6 by Mitchell Duncan has been published in early May.

EAGLE is a user-friendly, powerful and affordable software for efficient circuit board design (PCB design) and combines the schematic editor, layout editor and autorouter on one single interface. Shared Open Source User Language Programs (ULPs) guarantee maximum flexibility by enabling various features, such as simulation, realization of individual instruction sequences, data export and import.

The book – published by Elektor International Media – explains the functionalities of EAGLE’s main modules schematic editor, layout editor and the auto router and provides guide lines about the usage of the two editor modules. It also states examples of how to apply EAGLE and directs through the design and development of an entire PCB project.

“We at CadSoft are delighted about the release of this Getting Started guide which gives an introduction to the current EAGLE v6. Of course, we were more than happy to support this ambitious project and have provided the attached CD-ROM with the EAGLE download package for the first edition”, says Thomas Liratsch, General Manager at CadSoft.

The first edition of “Learning to fly with EAGLE V6” including the EAGLE CD-ROM is available through the Elektor website.

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