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NEW!!!! Updated version of the PCB Service ULP

This new ulp which extends the existing PCB service in EAGLE version 6.2. Simply add this ULP and replace the existing one. This ULP works for version 5.10 and higher.GET THE ULP

Download ULP

Posted: 29/06/12

Eurocircuits: Front-end data preparation

This enclosed paper explains the front-end engineering process that we use at Eurocircuits. All PCB fabricators carry out broadly similar operations even if they give them different names. We have included our own names for the various stages, so that if you are a Eurocircuits user you can follow the progress of your job through our front-end engineering process.

Front-end data preparation

Posted: 29/06/12

New EAGLE Tutorial by Jeremy Blum!!!

Check out Jeremy Blum’s first episode of the EAGLE tutorials:

Tutorial I: Schematic Design

Posted: 19/06/12

DesignFlow Webinar Series: BGA layout guidelines–Designing for manufacturability

Mike Galloway
Manufacturing Engineer, Screaming Circuits

BGA Layout Design for Manufacturing
While designing your circuit board incorrect layout for BGA components can
result in a loss of time, money and an inoperative board.

This webinar will present an overview of the unique layout challenges
associated with BGA components and the essential guidelines to follow to assure
your board will be manufactured accurately and cost-effectively.

Date: 27th June 2012

Time: (17.30pm GMT) (18:30 pm BST) (12.30pm EST)

The Design Flow Series shares knowledge and know-how with engineers from
some of the world’s leading software, semiconductor and electronics companies.
The practical ‘how to’ advice is structured around the electronics design flow
from specification through assembled prototype and is delivered by practicing
engineers who are experts in their field.


This is relevant to USA


Posted: 19/06/12

(Deutsch) Kostenloses EAGLE Seminar in München: 17. Juli 2012

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Posted: 19/06/12