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CadSoft launches EAGLE version 6

A new version of the award winning PCB Design Software creates even more efficiency and productivity

12 December 2011 – London, CadSoft Computer GmbH, a part of Premier Farnell plc (LSE:pfl), today announces the launch of version 6 of its easy-to-use ‘EAGLE’ PCB software for professional board design.

CadSoft EAGLE Version 6 is available to buy from today and focuses on flexibility and enabling users to save time by optimizing and integrating new features such as BGA escape routing, differential pair routing, automatic meanders and undo/redo logs. Additionally this latest software provides automatic layout dimension, assembly variants, cut out polygons, and the design reuse feature to merge board/schematic pairs using the PASTE function with full consistency.

EAGLE Version 6 not only helps in the design of a board, but also saves designers time by providing direct connections to experienced, high-quality PCB manufacturers for fast quotes on PCB fabrication. In North America customers can connect with Pentalogix, for European customers Eurocircuits is your reliable partner to get your prototype produced by mouse click, through The Knode on element14.

Flexibility and productivity are also achieved through User Language Programs (ULPs) for customization and feature enhancement, such as 3D-visualization, simulation and data-export. Hundreds of ULPs, project designs and part libraries to accelerate the design process are available through CadSoft EAGLE’s download centre at

CadSoft EAGLE users can also benefit in their design process from Accelerated Design’s Ultra Librarian to quickly create parts, symbols and footprints that can be exported to various PCB design flows. The Ultra Librarian tools integrate Premier Farnell’s DesignLink, an integrated tool, which offers a streamlined method to do component research by allowing a designer to transparently interface to the search engine of their regional supplier without leaving the design environment.

“This is a landmark day for our award-winning CadSoft Eagle PCB software with the launch of version 6,” said Thomas Liratsch, CadSoft’s General Manager. “EAGLE v6.0 will make the lives of design engineers even easier – saving them time and effort. Simply put, the new release of EAGLE takes designer friendliness and freedom to a whole new experience.”

Users can check out all new features on of CadSoft EAGLE version 6 at or at The Knode on element14.

Posted: 12/12/11

EAGLE offers new component libraries from Wurth electronics Midcom

New Wurth part library now available for more efficiency in the design process

30 November 2011 – London, CadSoft Computer GmbH, a part of Premier Farnell plc (LSE:pfl), has paired with Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc., a company owned by Würth Elektronik, to release its EAGLE part library that includes drawings for their standard magnetics lines and also for all the Speedy and Standard package styles used in custom designs. With worldwide presence through Würth’s technical sales force they support product design from concept to manufacture, regardless of location.

The library is available via and also includes a standard Magnetics library containing standard packages, new product offerings and Speedy Design Service parts along with basic part information with datasheet links.

“Wurth Electronics Midcom is always searching for ways to provide “More than you expect” service to our customers. We feel that providing EAGLE libraries for all of our standard components makes the design process simpler and quicker”, said Dean Huumala, Product Marketing Manager, Wurth Electronics Midcom.

“The Wurth library can be integrated into EAGLE and is a ready to use tool to optimise customer’s productivity. Besides that many more third party PCB component libraries, design projects and User Language Programs (ULPs) for feature enhancement, such as simulation, 3D-visualisation, data export and import are available through the CadSoft website”, said Thomas Liratsch, General Manager of CadSoft.

Posted: 05/12/11

(Deutsch) Hochschule Bochum gewinnt Design Award für SolarWorld GT

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Posted: 07/11/11

Version 6: Now in beta testing!

CadSoft invites EAGLE users to participate in testing of EAGLE version 6.

We suggest that only users who already have experience with previous versions of EAGLE participate in the beta test.

More …

Posted: 07/11/11

CadSoft unveils version 6.0 of the EAGLE PCB design tool

New version delivers major productivity enhancements – CadSoft gives users free upgrades to version 6.0 with “Buy-now”- offer

19th October 2011, London – Premier Farnell plc (LSE:pfl), today announced release plans for EAGLE Version 6.0 including details of the many new features being developed for this release and deliver a major step forward in the PCB designer productivity and efficiency.

All users purchasing the current version of EAGLE will receive a free upgrade to the version 6.0 release. CadSoft’s EAGLE V6.0 PCB design software will deliver innovations and improvements over previous versions that will allow design engineers significant flexibility and efficiency.

The EAGLE V6.0 release features a redesigned XML database structure – the first to use ASCII text as format, which allows quick and easy design changes, importing of design information as well as translation from other design formats. “The best-selling CAD tool (EAGLE) for PCB design just got better, and we will deliver the latest EAGLE V6 free to new and upgrading customers after release,” said Thomas Liratsch, CadSoft’s General Manager. “EAGLE V6.0 is agile and intuitive, so design engineers can easily design, replicate, move, transpose, and even copy/paste schematics – saving them time and effort. Simply put, the new release of EAGLE takes designer friendliness and freedom to a whole new experience.”

EAGLE V6.0 includes a variety of user-friendly and productivity-enhancing features, such as:
•XML database structure – Read, edit and parse the data outside of the EAGLE tool
•Design reuse – Ability to merge board/schematic pairs using COPY/ PASTE function with full consistency. This supports easy design, for example, of multi-channel devices.
•Routing capability improvements 
 - Optimised work-flow with an Undo/Redo log to control each step going back or forward   
- Flawless conversions between millimetres and inches with increased internal resolution
•Library editor optimisations
- Ability to connect a pin to multiple pads allows designers to handle components’ internal connected pins. Compared to previous versions schematic symbols look nicer and you save time in defining them.
- Designers can also draw arbitrary pad shapes easily without any problems with Design Rules Check for such objects.
- EAGLE V6.0 also supports an unlimited number of technologies and package variants – eliminating the need to split a library into two parts.
- File description functionality – You can now individualise your schematics, sheets, boards and symbols with descriptions, so you don’t have to open the file in an editor window to see its contents.

Customers who buy or upgrade from a former version to EAGLE V5 from 01 September 2011 can upgrade their software edition and modules for free to EAGLE Version 6.0. For more information please visit

Posted: 07/11/11

Eurocircuits PCB service: ULP available now!

EAGLE not only helps you design your board, but also saves you time by providing direct connections to experienced, high-quality PCB manufacturers for fast quotes on PCB fabrication. For customers using EAGLE version 5.10 or higher CadSoft offers a ULP. After downloading this ULP customers can integrate it into their existing 5.10 or 5.11 license and use the direct connection to Eurocircuits. Customers with former EAGLE versions (older than 5.10) can update their EAGLE license at In Version 6 the Eurocircuits-ULP will already be integrated. No download will be necessary.

Download the Eurocircuits-ULP now!

Posted: 07/11/11


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Posted: 03/08/11

EAGLE Simulation


Eagle’up is a simple collection of tools that allow you to:

  • Import in SketchUp the layout of your board with precise placement of the components
  • Generate a realistic image for the board faces
  • Edit the model of your design, add an enclosure, stack multiple boards
  • Rotate and zoom in your 3D Eagle model with complete freedom

B2 Spice v5

B2 Spice imports your analog, digital, and mixed mode circuits from EAGLE and allows you to run simulations.

Posted: 02/08/11

CadSoft launches new content rich website, ideal for searching for the latest EAGLE PCB design software, forums, webinars and much more

New product selector allows easy configuration of EAGLE licenses with a quick purchase option using credit card through PayPal or by invoice.

In line with the company’s focus on providing solutions to design engineers, driving business to the web and growth in emerging markets, Premier Farnell plc (LSE:pfl), has announced that CadSoft Computer GmbH has launched a new content rich website. The new website, (for USA:, hosts the latest version of the award – winning EAGLE software, the best selling CAD tool of its kind, with the new “DesignLink” functionality.

With manuals for download, forums for discussion, the latest FAQs, video tutorials and webinars offered in English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese, the new website will demonstrate all the capabilities of the EAGLE software for design engineers, from the basics of PCB design and layout to specialist topics. Visitors can download libraries, ULP’s (User language programs for EAGLE enhancement) and projects created and uploaded by our large user community and CadSoft itself. Individual licenses that fill the customers need can be configured with the new product selector and purchased directly via credit card or invoice.

The software is also available from element14, Premier Farnell’s innovative community for design engineers, bringing Web 2.0 to engineers, along with over 10,000 technical documents and software tools.

“The design and launch of our new website provides an improved platform to help our customers in their design process and show them all services we offer, such as the PCB Service and DesignLink.” said Thomas Liratsch, CadSoft’s General Manager. “The website now provides an easy and efficient way to learn how to use the EAGLE software for basic and advanced users.Our customers canalso visit CadSoft’s active forums, where the community can exchange tips and experts give support and advice on EAGLE software questions, all this for free.”

Posted: 07/07/11

EAGLE – Following the sun around the world

22 June 2011, Bochum – The SolarCar-Team of the University of Applied Sciences in Bochum – one of CadSoft’s sponsorships – has presented its new Solar World GT. A car with around 5 PS and 300kg of weight reaching a top speed of 120 km/h. An amazing result for a car using only the energy of the sun through solar panels on the roof.

“Each module you can imagine, starting with a simple power adaptor via the motor control module up to the battery management system developed in-house, is developed by us using EAGLE. In this case, EAGLE is a one-stop solution. Firstly, it can be used to create circuit plans and layouts, ranging from simple to complex. EAGLE makes it child’s play to optimize the size of the board or the general arrangement of components. Since elements such as the required training period and efficiency (one program for all) are our top priority, and the set-up has allowed all students, even those without any previous knowledge, to get to grips with the operation in just a few hours, the EAGLE software
package from CadSoft has become a standard tool, which we cannot do without.”
Felix Burmeister, Head of Students, E-Technik, SolarCar-Team.

The University of Bochum is convinced of EAGLE’s quality and has started this semester with seminars on EAGLE, which have already established as a “must have” for students in electrical engineering.

Also North-Rhine Westphalia’s Minister of Science and Research – Svenja Schulze – was excited about the Solar World GT and has complemented the engagement of sponsors, who have made this project realizable. The world tour on which they will compete on all continents against international university teams in the Solar Challenge will start in October in Australia and last over 18 months. We wish good luck and cross our fingers.

Posted: 22/06/11